An reporter journalist in immersion

Thierry Gaytan's wide range of work shows an unusual and extended experience.
It is a truthful look on the world, and also shows a deep sensitivity towards human beings.
It is aimed at a perceptive and inquisitive public.

Emeralds : In search of the green diamond

Emeralds :
In search of the green diamond

It is beautiful, fascinating, it increases in value every year by 7 to 10%: the emerald has become an interesting investment, superior to gold or diamonds.
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Police mexicaine et barons

The Mexican police and drug barons :
big corruption

The drug cartels are so powerful in Mexico, that they are trying to destabilise the government. This has become such a problem that for the past two years, the President has been doing everything in his power to stop the corruption.
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Prisons péruviennes

Trapped by drug :
Europeans In The
Hell of Peruvian Prisons

Alain, Mikaël and Vincent are in a prison in Lima called Sarita Colonia. This overpopulated prison is ruled by money. Lucie was recruited in Metz for 5000 Euros. Her life is ruined. How does she survive in prison ?
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Cuba :
Leave the country
whatever the cost is

Marysleidi and Rodolfo have decided to enter the US illegally, hoping for a better life over there.
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Parc Escobar

The Escobar Park

Pablo Escobar was a godfather, and the most powerful drug dealer in the world, until he died in 1993. End of story ?
More like the beginning of a legend. In fact, his home, the Hacienda Napoles, in the middle of the jungle, is the most extravagant park. It is open to the public for family outings.
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Inside the most dangerous gang in the world

Guatemala is one of the poorest and one of the most dangerous countries on the planet. The Maras rule over its capital. They are extremely violent. They deal drugs and are responsible for many murders.
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Calcutta : The business of charity

Calcutta :
The business of charity

A stellar religious woman who dedicated much of her life to the poor of Calcutta, Mother Teresa canonised after her death, the Albanian Catholic sister is now a saint.
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Les enfants tueurs de Colombie


This is the incredible story of some teenagers in Columbia whose job is simply to kill... They are hired assassins and they are not yet 18 years old.
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Acapulco - policiers

Acapulco :
is a paradise for tourists,
as well as for drug traffickers

How is it that this beautiful seaside holiday destination has become, for the past ten years, a true drug nerve centre ? What are the local authorities actions to stop it?
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Sur la route de la coke

Medellin / Paris :
The Cocaine route

In this documentary Thierry Gaytan followed up from the inside, the difficult and dangerous route of cocaine, all the way from the producer based in Colombia near Medellin, to the end user in Paris.
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Je veux vivre

«I want to live»
(long film)

Oscar «Mechas» is a young hired assassin in Columbia. He is trying to escape from a most certain death, thanks to a 20 years old woman who takes him with her, from Medellin to Paris.
This is a second chance for Oscar whose life started as a nightmare.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires :
the Argentinian miracle
between dream and nightmare

Nowadays, Buenos Aires is one of the most dynamic capitals of South America. But not everything is perfect, as one out of two people living there actually lives under the poverty line... Its police are corrupted, and there is far too much criminality.
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He is a producer, a filmmaker, an author, and much more...

Thierry Gaytan is an investigative journalist “without compare”

Thierry Gaytán is now an independant film producer and a traveller at heard.
But he originally started his career as a photographic reporter, always hunting for the best pictures. He became an investigative journalist out of passion, and curiosity. As he likes to point out, Thierry Gaytan was a born reporter.

His professional path has been filled with great experiences and investigations worldwide.
He was still quite young when he decided to dedicate his life to filming and taking pictures in order to bring information to people, always in the most humanistic way.

Thierry Gaytan's first steps as a photographer were rewarded by the first prize at a black & white pictures competition in the Paris region (Fontenay-le-Comte).
Several exhibitions in different art galleries in Paris, Madrid, Washington or Bogota confirmed Thierry Gaytan's talent as a photographer.

He quickly became a permanent correspondant for the main television channels in Colombia, to CARACOL and RCN.
Thierry Gaytan covered major events all over the world, especially in Latin America.

Thierry Gaytan is a field man, he has produced and directed many documentaries and television programmes for some of the main French television channels (France 2, TF1, M6 and Canal +), as well as for foreign ones.

Thierry Gaytan is not scared to film in total immersion on dangerous grounds, working on sensitive subjects, in order for the viewers to exactly see the moment.

He then decided one thing: he would do everything in his power to inform people, and show as many of them as possible how important it is to give them a different perspective.

With over twenty years of experience in television documentaries about unusual topics, what started as a job, has become a big chapter in Thierry's life.

His documentary « Medellin-Paris: The Cocaine Route » recently received the prize of best documentary at the New York City International Film Festival ( It has also been selected for the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (

  • - "Murderous children", was broadcast on France 2 (the second National French TV channel) in a programme called Envoyé Spécial. It has also been short-listed for the Festival International du Court métrage de Clermont Ferrand, short film International Festival.
  • - "Trapped by drugs : Europeans In The Hell of Peruvian Prisons" was selected for the International Monte-Carlo Film Festival. It has also been selected for the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (
  • - "I want to Live" (long film) has been selected for the International Film Festival of Acapulco, Mexico, FICA (

Thierry Gaytán, reporter photographer


Thierry Gaytán Started working as a photographer from a young age.
His first exhibition took place in Bogota, Colombia.
He then exhibited pictures of South American people in their everyday life in a Parisian art gallery situated rue de Rennes.

Worldwide pictures exhibitions

Thierry Gaytan's work as a photographer has been shown during exhibitions in the United-States, in Washington and New York, in Madrid (Spain) at the cultural centre «Casa de America» and at the Bernanos Gallery based in Paris, France.

He also represented Colombia at the exhibition organised by the FIAC, Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain ( at the Grand Palais in Paris.

In 1989, he received the first prize of a black & white picture contest in the Paris region.
Thierry works as a photographer reporter in France, in the United-States, and especially in Colombia where he worked for the most popular newspapers during various events: El Tiempo, El Espectador, El País, Cromos, etc.
He also worked for many years in the fashion industry, covering fashion shows and other kinds of events for specialised magazines in France, Spain and South America: Tocado, Hair Fashion Magazine, etc.


Whether you are a producer, in television, or another kind of professional, I, Thierry Gaytan, will be happy to make you benefit from my experience.
So, if you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact me

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